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North Shore Psychology Description


North shore medical group offers psychology services for individuals, couples and families.

  • Couples and Individual therapy to reconnect and revitalise relationships, enhance communication skills and address ongoing issues.
  • Specialised couples therapy for infidelity and relationship repair.
  • Individual therapy for a range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, substance dependence, post-traumatic stress as well as general psychological wellbeing.
  • Group therapy interventions and workshops for couples and individuals. We have experienced the therapeutic effectiveness of group work. Our group programs include six week couples courses, weekend workshops and ongoing therapeutic groups for a range of issues including coping with separation, surviving infidelity and communication and connection.

  • Corporate training is also offered with programs for effective communication in the workplace, introductory coaching and counselling skills for the service industry and managing stress and anxiety in the workplace.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution for small business groups is also offered and may include group process work or individual employee support sessions.

Outreach Specialist Medical Service Offering

NSMG Outreach Specialist Medical Service OfferingNSMG is pleased to introduce our Outreach Medical Specialist Service Offering. Our offering seeks to bring NSMG's heart, vein, and weightloss clinicians plus our imaging and pathology affiliates to a number of new locations in the Sydney and New South Wales region. 

Please download our brochure for more particulars about the offering, and do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9439 2899. 

North Shore Homecare Services - Outreach Programme

Outreach Programme brochure (pdf)The North Shore Medical Group is excited to announce the launch of North Shore Homecare Services (NSHS), whose aim is to deliver medical services directly to patients in the aged care sector. 

The NSHS Outreach programme allows elderly residents at home, living independently, in aged care facilities or in hospital to access medical services using an innovative combination of personal management and telehealth. Through the Outreach programme, residents can access medical providers, allied health providers, welfare service providers and recreational service providers. 

Take a look at our brochure to find out more

Our clinics

North Shore Vein Clinic

North Shore Vein Clinic

Please visit veinclinic.mynsmg.com.au
North Shore Heart Clinic

North Shore Heart Clinic

Please visit heartclinic.mynsmg.com.au

North Shore Homecare Services

North Shore Homecare Services

Please visit homecare.mynsmg.com.au

North Shore Weight Loss

North Shore Weight Loss

Please visit weightloss.mynsmg.com.au

The North Shore Skin Clinic, and North Shore Allied Clinics websites are coming soon.




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